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Refund Policy

In the case you or your team has already paid your participant fees in full and you are not able

to come, we may only be able to provide a partial refund. The amount of the partial refund will

be determined on the date of your refund request:

Before July 1, 2024

44%-50% refund; based on transaction fees.

Between July 1-20, 2024

30%-37% refund; based on transaction fees.

After July 20, 2024

No refund available. Furthermore, should you be unable to fulfill your entire commitment and you leave early, we will not offer a refund for the remaining of your time.


We are doing our very best to accommodate the needs of participants. The reason we have a refund policy is because all of the expenses associated with running Paris Je t'Aime uses the funds we receive from participants.

Please note, by purchasing or submitting an application for Paris Je t'Aime, we reserve the right to to modify the refund policy at any point without notice.

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