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  • Where will we be staying?
    Accommodation is very limited in Paris. As we are anticipating more participants to PJT this year, our accommodation may look a little different from previous years. Fortunately, many churches are opening their doors for participants and this year will be more like an outreach. Everyone will need to bring their own sleeping mat, sleeping bag, pillow, and any other personal materials required for sleeping. Basic shared kitchen appliances and storage will be available. At this point in time, we cannot guarantee private rooms for teams or families. We are doing our very best to make this happen.
  • Why is PJT expensive?
    We do our very best to keep prices as low as possible each year. As we continue to grow, so do our costs to host the event. We are a non-profit reusing all funds to create a better PJT experience each year. Accommodation in Paris is few and far between. As such, our fees are far more affordable than alternative options to make sure we can bring as many missionary minded Christian’s together.
  • I’m bringing a group with me. Do I need to pay for everyone’s fees?
    Not at all! Team leaders begin by submitting their application for their team. They will need to pay an app for themselves only. Once their application is submitted, they will receive an email with a link for each team member to submit. Later, if the team is approved, they will pay their fees individually.
  • Is transportation included in the fees?
    Unfortunately, transportation to and from our locations is not included in the Paris Je t'Aime fees. Additionally, transportation around the city is also not included in the fees. Luckily, the metro system in Paris is incredible, and is very reasonable, both in terms of pricing and getting around. We have some information in English and French below, which will help you understand the pricing, how you can get tickets, and getting around Paris.
  • I would be interested in performing at some capacity. How can I become involved?
    We often receive requests for performers and speakers. Please fill out the application form and we will get back to you.
  • I want to attend with a group that has already signed up. Is it too late to join?
    Not at all! Contact the group leader who has completed the group leader application to send you a member application. Simply fill out the form, pay the application fee, and we will follow up with your approval and a form to pay for your attendance.
  • Why is there an application fee for attending PJT? Will I be guaranteed attendance?
    An application fee for attending PJT is required for every applicant attending. The reason for this fee is to cover the costs of hosting an event of this size. We are a non-profit organization with the sole intention of gathering Christian’s from all corners of the earth to share the love of Jesus during the Games. Expenses associated with this event include venue rentals, permits, equipment, software, housing, promotion materials, guest speakers, musicians, and more.
  • I would like to attend but do not plan to be present for the entire week(s). Can I get a discount?
    As much as we would like to accommodate every participant’s needs, we can only offer the packages listed on our website. It would be impossible to manage specific dates for every participant, as well, we want to be consistent for everyone.
  • Unfortunately I signed up and can't attend anymore. What can I do?
    We're very sorry you can't make it! Here's our cancellation policy and why. If you are attending under the event package, no hassle. Just let us know you can't attend and you will be refunded. If you are attending under the full package, we require cancellation by May 1, 2023 to receive a full refund. After this date, we can provide a 40% refund. If you are able to find someone else or a group to replace your spot, contact us and we might be able to work something out.
  • Do I need to attend every training morning?
    We want to provide flexibility for everyone’s schedule by allowing each group or individual to choose which activities they want to participate in. We will share the mode of communication closer to the event date, in which we will ask participants to disclose which activities they will participate in. This will help us prepare accordingly for each activity
  • Which artists and performers will be at PJT?
    We will continue to post updated information as we finalize details. Stay tuned!
  • What streams are included in this years PJT? Where can I make it known which streams I would like to participate in?
    The four streams this year are Sports, Street Evangelism, Worship & Intercession, and Mercy Ministry. Details for each stream can be found here. We will be collecting information around this time from each participant as to which streams they want to be involved with.
  • Why are there no meals? Will there be a place to cook and prepare meals? Are there any recommendations where to go out and eat?
    We are unable to provide meals this year for participants. As we expect far more participants this year, we do not have the resources or capacity to cook for everyone. Each accommodation will provide basic kitchen appliances and storage space. We recommend groups, families, and individuals to prepare meals in the morning prior to the start of each day. As we continue to prepare for the event, more information will be available. If you have any immediate questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We are preparing an information sheet for local cheap eats and groceries nearby each accommodation and event location.
  • I’m applying for volunteer staff. Where will I stay?
    Our full time and support staff will receive priority for properties affiliated with YWAM Paris Connect. Depending on the amount of staff applicants, we may need to move some staff to participant housing.
  • How much should I expect to pay daily while in Paris?
    We will soon be providing more detailed information on daily expenses while staying in Paris. This will include the more affordable options for groceries, eating out, cheap eats, metro tickets, and more.
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